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本文摘要:We’ve heard many stories of individuals across the world who’ve adopted a zero-waste lifestyle, but it’s not often that we come across an entire community that is trying to become waste-free. The residents of Kamikatsu, Japan, take recycli


We’ve heard many stories of individuals across the world who’ve adopted a zero-waste lifestyle, but it’s not often that we come across an entire community that is trying to become waste-free. The residents of Kamikatsu, Japan, take recycling so seriously that they actually hope to become the nation’s first zero-waste community by 2020.采行“零废物”生活方式的个人屡见不鲜,力图构建“无荒废”目标的群体推倒很少闻。日本上勝町的居民在重复使用利用废物时非常缜密,事实上,他们期望到2020年时,能把家乡建设成日本首个“零废物”小镇。Kamikatsu has no garbage trucks – so residents need to compost their kitchen scraps at home. They also have to wash and sort the rest of their trash into 34 different categories, and bring it to the recycling center themselves where workers make sure that the waste goes into the correct bins. It apparently took some time for the residents to get used to this rule, but they eventually managed to adapt to the drastic changes and are now seeing them as normal.上勝町没垃圾车——因而居民必须在家中将厨余垃圾做成肥料。除此之外,他们必需再行清除废物,并对照34种分类标准一一归类,然后再行将其送来至重复使用中心,那里的工人不会保证废物被准确放进适当的重复使用箱。


似乎,适应环境重复使用规则必须时间,但上勝町的居民最后顺利适应环境了这些巨变,并慢慢显得习以为常。The Japanese town has turned recycling into a streamlined process – there are separate bins for different types of paper products – newspapers, magazines, cartons, and flyers. Even plastic bottles and their caps go into different bins as do aluminum, spray, and steel cans are collected separately too. Many of these items are resold or repurposed into usable clothing, toys, and accessories. The labels on each bin show the recycling process for that specific item, so the residents know exactly what happens to their trash.这个日本小镇让重复使用过程显得既精简又高效——上勝町针对各类纸制品(譬如报纸、杂志、纸箱及传单)设置了有所不同的重复使用箱。甚至连塑料瓶和瓶盖都必需分离投入,铝罐、喷雾罐和钢罐也必需归类至有所不同的重复使用箱。

人们不会再度出售某些废物,或将其新的用作衣物、玩具和首饰上。每个重复使用箱都张贴有展出此类废物重复使用过程的标签,这样,居民们就能确切获知废物的处理方式。Reuse is highly encouraged in Kamikatsu – they have a local kuru-kuru shop where residents can exchange used items with new things at no extra cost. And the kuru-kuru factory employs women to make bags, clothes, and stuffed dolls out of discarded items. Businesses are also encouraged to participate in responsible waste management – the town has a zero-waste brewery, housed in a building constructed of reused materials.上勝町尤其希望居民重复使用物品——当地另设kuru-kuru商店,人们可以以旧换新,而需要缴纳额外费用。

kuru-kuru工厂不会雇用女工用荒废物品制作手提包、衣物或填满玩偶。上勝町反对各类企业参予废物管理以强化企业的责任感——小镇里有一家“零废物”酿酒厂,它坐落于使用可再生材料修建的房屋内。With a population of just over 1,700, Kamikatsu recycles about 80 percent of its trash and only 20 percent goes to landfills, so you could say that the town is very close to achieving its goal. They’ve been practicing prudent waste management for the past 13 years after declaring their zero-waste ambition in 2003 and giving up their old practice of dumping trash into open fires.小镇仅有1700多人,却重复使用了近八成的废物,必须运到垃圾填土地的废物只剩两成,从或许上来说,小镇已将要达成协议“零废物”的目标。



“If you get used to it, it becomes normal,” a Kamikatsu resident said in a video made by YouTube channel Seeker Stories. “It can be a pain, and at first we were opposed to the idea. Now I don’t think about it. It’s become natural to separate the trash correctly.”“当你习惯重复使用废物后,这事儿就不会变得很平时,”在YouTube“探索者所闻” (Seeker Stories)频道拍摄的视频中,一位上勝町的居民如是说。“重复使用废物很困难,我们最初都赞成这一建议。但现在,我显然会想要过于多。

对我来说,准确分类废物再行大自然不过了。”All the recycling facilities in Kamikatsu are managed by a Zero Waste Academy which also regularly hosts groups of local schoolchildren and foreign visitors, educating them on the benefits of a zero waste lifestyle. Every years, the Academy receives around 2,500 visitors from all around the world, all eager to learn more about zero-waste and how Kamikatsu has managed to implement its principles in such a short period of time.上勝町所有的重复使用厂都一回合废物协会管理,该协会还定期的组织当地小学生及外国游客参观自学,教导他们采行“零废物”生活方式的益处。每年,协会都会招待2500多人造访,这些来自世界各地的人渴求能更好地理解“零废物”,同时也急迫想要告诉上勝町在短时间内顺利贯彻废物管理规则的秘诀。



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